Meet The Team

We are very excited to have a team of outstanding classroom teachers for both our Purple/Toddler and Green/Preschool classes. As early childhood professionals, each one of our teachers has a love of children and expertise in child development. They work with each child to provide experiences and opportunities that foster curiosity and exploration, and that develop every child’s unique talents. We recognize that a highly-qualified and well-trained staff are among the primary factors which contribute to an excellent and high-quality educational program. Ongoing training is a requirement of our Massachusetts licensing agency, and is central to our program. Our goal is to exceed the minimum number of professional development hours per year.

Director of Early Childhood Education

Debbi Fendell

Director of Early Childhood Education

Debbi Fendell oversees all aspects of the preschool program, works closely with the Temple Tots group within Temple Aliyah and the Director of the Religious School.

Jenifer Adelman

Preschool Program Lead Teacher

Jenifer Adelman's goal at Gan Aliyah is to provide the children with the gift of time and the tools to explore and create in order to challenge and spark their curiosity to learn.

Francesca Bardsley

Preschool Program Assistant Teacher

"I cannot wait for the first day of school when I will meet the children who will fill my room at Gan Aliyah. I look forward to an outstanding year of enthusiastic learning and growth--and much fun!"

Jaclyn Morse

Toddler Program Lead Teacher

Jaclyn wants each child to have a positive experience at school every day, whether interacting with other children, learning the letters in their name, or being proud of washing their hands.

Lisa Weiner

Preschool Program Lead Teacher

“Appreciating and recognizing each child unique timetable is key. Children absorb these skills when THEY are ready – and no two children are alike in this area.”

Tayech Workalemahu

Toddler Program Lead Teacher

"I strives to create and maintain an environment where your child can grow and thrive while exploring the world around them. Every child should be valued and treated with respect"